Sales Forecasts

Visualize Your Pipeline

View your sales forecasts on a timeline to understand how your revenue is likely to roll into your business. Dryrun makes it easy to view your business' sales pipeline and cash flow to manage short and long-term goals.

Gauging when potential deals move from the handshake to the balance sheet means small businesses can identify and dodge obstacles while setting a plan for growth.

Quick & Detailed Sales Forecasts:
  • Set and monitor your sales goals to empower your company
  • Lock your deals into reality
  • Flag and manage slow periods
  • Maintain total manual control or import data from Pipedrive
  • Manage capacity before the job begins

Set and monitor your sales goals

Easily share key insights about cash flow and pipeline metrics with lead stakeholders in your small business. With important data clearly modelled through Dryrun’s easy, web-based interface, it’s a snap to show everyone the sales goals in the coming months.

Lock your deals into reality

Watch tomorrow’s potential become today’s reality. Plotting your sales pipeline alongside cash flow enables you to plan a course of action for when a deal becomes firm, while monitoring proposals ensures your pipeline stays full.

Data-driven visualizations empower your sales team to examine their track record and improve their game year on year.

Flag and manage slow periods

Avoid the most common pain of every small business. Slow periods mean staff is paid to sit while the meter is running. Your sales team tries, but redoubling sales efforts now won’t result in immediate deals. The bad dream of every business owner has an easy solution.

Dryrun’s cash flow forecasting allows you to enter or import data and then easily track periods where new projects and funds are needed to keep your team working at capacity. Once identified, sales have an easy time knowing when to hit the accelerator to keep projects starting and cash flow running.

It’s just so much more accessible for me now and I feel like it’s giving me the ability and capacity to really look at this stuff… and I know where the company needs to go. Dryrun takes a lot of the mystery and anxiety out of the numbers. It’s been fantastic!
Corey Lansdell
Founder, Pulp Studios

Manual Control or Auto Import. Your Choice.

Simple is powerful. Dryrun’s power lies in your ability to fully automate sales data imports from Pipedrive, or manually control every number – all with the same ease of use. We’ve put just as much effort into ensuring that data input processes are just as user-friendly and easy to understand as viewing your cash flow forecasts.

Manage capacity - before the job begins

Predicting when projects start means that you can scale up resources and team members to meet the increased demand. Resulting in client confidence and a smooth project start. Dryrun’s ability to layer sales pipeline information on top of cash flow means that predicting whether you have the capacity to begin projects on time becomes easy.

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