Sales Forecasts

Manage Capacity and Exceed Your Goals

Understanding the timing of deals is critical for business health and growth. A list of deals can't tell you if you'll meet your goals, keep your staff busy or run into capacity issues, but Dryrun can.

Know when you can count on revenue to power your growth.
Manage the Highs & Lows in Your Sales Pipeline:
  • Track deals, value and close dates
  • Import from Pipedrive or build in Dryrun
  • Maintain manual control and flexibility
  • View Pipedrive deals with probability considered
  • Manage a full sales team

Sales Solves All

The old adage rings true, sales can drive growth and build business. But it’s not that simple. Knowing when you can count on revenue and how much you have to work with informs your plans and powers your execution.

Dryrun brings operational intelligence to your pipeline.

Revenue at Risk

Sales projections look much smoother in a list, but looks can be deceiving. When too many deals flow in at once, capacity is strained and costs go up. During lean times, staff sit idle and so do your profits.

Knowing when deals will close and jobs expected to start gives you the ability to negotiate timelines that fit your needs, adjust capacity and backfill to keep everyone busy,

Sales Pipeline Power

Enter deals manually or import your deals from Pipedrive. Customize import settings in each scenario and see how the deals will turn into revenue.

  • Import deals, values & close Dates
  • View deals weighted by probability
  • Toggle ‘view won deals only’ on and off

A Dose of Reality

Knowing when deals will close helps you predict your cash flow, adjust your capacity and get a true measure against your goals.

  • Create, move and delete deals with full control
  • Test ‘what ifs’ with additional scenarios
  • Track the progress of your sales against your cash flow

Sales Team Superstar

Dedicate a scenario to each team member and you’ll have a single-view forecast of your sales. Compare performance and get a grip on total revenue.

  • Share and collaborate on scenarios with other Dryrun users
  • Connect multiple Pipedrive accounts in a single forecast
  • Compile scenarios to see your teams total predicted sales


Now that we have an in house accountant that has a finger on the pulse of our business, he can send us multiple scenarios. I have no other tool that can do it like this.
Eric Mayville
Founder, Wondersauce
New York City
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