The Value of Cloud Apps to Business

Posted 10 July by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Videos

Barb Easter, Director of Partnerships with Dryrun, discusses the issue of pricing and the value of cloud apps to business owners with Blaine Bertsch. They explore how accountants and bookkeepers can offer additional value to their clients through recommendations and advice.


The Value of Cloud Apps to Business

Hi, Barb Easter here, Director of Partnerships with Dryrun and with me today I have Blaine Bertsch.

Blaine, one of the issues I hear a lot from Partners that I speak to everyday is how expensive app pricing can be and it’s totally worth it but I’m hoping that you might be able to lend some perspective from the business owners side.

Can you speak to that please?


Yeah, sure I was in business, before Dryrun I had a Digital Agency for a decade of course our app costs kept going up, and up and up because we started using more and more cloud tools even back then.

We had transitioned to the cloud really quite early but it was worth every penny to us.

That’s the thing with the business owners, what it really comes down to is value.

Like I don’t want to spend an extra dollar on anything that isn’t offering me anything. If I feel it isn’t going to make money.

But when the value is there, when it is saving me time, saving my butt, keeping track of things, whatever it is, that it’s got that real value, absolutely I’ll spend the dollar. I’ll spend it without even a second thought, because I know how fast that money drains out the door.

Profit margins are so narrow, so tight, cashflow is always an issue, so it is really important that we use these things that keep us on track and that actually save that time and make us more profitable.

So I’ve talked with business owners, and you know we talk with business owners every day, and one of the things we have heard a lot…

One of our integration partners is Quickbooks and we have customers come in and say do you connect with Quickbooks desktop?

Well, no we don’t we connect with Quickbooks online and usually there isn’t even a pause, they just say, yeah ok I’ll change to that.


This is true.


I know if they didn’t have a reason, if they weren’t getting that data out of Dryrun and you said you should just change from Quickbooks desktop to Quickbooks online, just because…if there isn’t a compelling reason they would look at it as no, it’s a waste of time. I don’t have time to deal with that…the second there is a compelling reason, instant, yah, absolutely, I’ll change today.

Because they see that compelling reason, with Dryrun, the data we give them, the information we give them not only might save their business, but it also just simply will help them grow their business, it’s going to help them make their business more profitable, it’s going to help them keep track of things, make sure they’ve got that cashflow coming in and they are planning for growth they kind of build the business up with this.

So when they see the value, they see cashflow, they see the value and that’s…I think sometimes our partners don’t necessarily see that if they go in and say like hey, this is what we are going to give you and here’s how it’s going to help your business and they see the value, absolutely they will spend the money.

And not just on the software, honestly, they’ll spend the money to have those weekly forecasts to know exactly where they are at…


Yes, the strategy.




So, how might you be most receptive to hearing that conversation start with your accountant or bookkeeper?


Sometimes it’s, you know, you don’t go in and start with the price, you don’t go in and say this for this, no you go in and say ok, what sort of issues are you facing? What problems do you have with your cashflow?

And if it’s a business with highly variable cashflow, those timing issues, it’s a chronic problem. It’s a weekly problem, it’s a keep you up all night problem.

Find out about them, ask them questions about their business, come to know their business and then give them some answers to how you can help them.

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