Video: Finding the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business

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Barb and Blaine discuss tips to find the right bookkeeper for your business. Someone that will help you manage your cash flow, reach your goals and grow.



Hi Everyone,Barb and Blaine here with Dryrun, here today to talk about the specifics of how to get the right bookkeeper in your door as a trusted strategist and advocate for your business.

So here today to lead the conversation is Blaine Bertsch. Blaine we see a lot of ill fitting partnerships between bookkeepers and businesses that really don’t benefit either party.

So I’m wondering if you would just expand today upon how to get the best fit. So what we are looking for and how to bring it home, we’ll say for that relationship.


Yeah, I hear that comment a lot, I’m talking with business owners everyday. It’s amazing how often I hear the comment because they hear that we are going to help you with your cashflow or forecasting and it’s amazing how many times I hear yeah, I’ve got to fire my bookkeeper or I’ve got to fire my accountant, I just literally haven’t got around to it yet, I’ve got to find one.

I get emails, I actually got one this morning you know, hey, can you recommend me to someone, I need somebody and you know, that happens all the time.

It really tends to come down to operations it’s not a finance issue, it’s an operations issue so when I’m talking with businesses about how they are picking that team to help them or that bookkeeper to help them on the week to week or that accountant, those lines are starting to blur quite a bit when they are getting into the forecasting and advisory area.

They usually have just massive operational challenges and so what tends to happen is they kind of hear through the grapevine or something that it doesn’t have to be the way it is.

The amount of times I hear they have broken processes, they are doing manual invoicing. They are still throwing invoices into one folder on their desktop and literally a box in the office. And dumping that off somewhere at the end of the month or the end of the quarter.

Have no idea what’s really going on in the business, invoicing a lot of times when they shouldn’t be invoicing. They should be actually getting payment right at the door, things like that.

When they start finding out that there are systems that can help them. So there are systems that can work as a point of sales system, systems that they can get payments right at the door, a plumber finishes their job, they can get a payment right there, systems to help them invoice their clients, track their receipts, and when they find out they can all connect together, and save them a whole bunch of time and a whole bunch of money, it’s like a cloud has lifted and they finally go wow, I didn’t know that I could do that with my business.

Yeah, you can save days a month, not hours, not minutes, save days a month and have accuracy across everything.

And how do you go about doing that?

Well, the first thing is you find the right people to help you. And if they find the right accountant or bookkeeper, that can all get solved and it can all get managed.

So when I say to them, look someone can come in, you don’t have to do it. They will set up your systems for you, they’ll reconcile your account, your bank accounts and the different receipts, make sure it’s accurate, they’ll refresh your forecasts, make sure that you know where you are headed and you just get an email every week with like a three part to do list, follow up on this invoice, watch for this bill, do this, let me know what is going on.

And suddenly the business is right up to date, knows what is happening in their business, can log in at anytime, knows if there is a crisis looming and it’s simple. No time. They just dive right in.

So, when a business is looking for that bookkeeper or accountant, those are the questions they have to ask, how are you going to help my business? What do you recommend? How are you going to set this up?

And what they should be hearing is we are going to come and find out about your business, about the operational challenges you have, we’ll do a little homework and recommend a system that plugs everything together, it’s going to save you a ton of time and keep you up to date on everything.


So those individuals that are very interested in you and your business are likely a good place if they are financial individuals I mean, they are likely a good first point of contact because they are showing the empathy and innovation that your business actually needs to get a system like that off the ground. Such as you described, do I have that right?


Yeah, absolutely, they have to care, you have to have the sense that they care about your business.

Like if somebody walks in the door, you get on the phone with someone and say what do you recommend?

Well, we use this online accounting tool or probably worse, we use this desktop tool because it’s secure and usually what it means is we’re comfortable with this and if you want to come work with us…


They don’t want to change.


You are just going to use whatever we use and we’ll badmouth anything else, I have no problem saying if a bookkeeper or accountant is not looking at their business and going to prescribe the best, and very likely a cloud software system, they can connect those types of things and keep them on track for the business, they are doing them a disservice. And I will tell businesses to take a turn and run because it is costing them massive amounts of money, but it is also inflating their risk.

If they don’t know what is going on in their business, if they are trying to do the once a year thing, if their accounting data, if their bookkeeping data if all that information is socked away in someone else’s computer, in some desktop in some office somewhere else and they…four months after the end of year end finally see if they are profitable, it’s massively dangerous for them and they are spending just as much money maybe more, for having awful, awful service.


To your point I would say then that from the accountant and bookkeeper perspective we are then competing on cost, not value but that is a completely separate argument right?


Well yeah, that’s why business owners, when they phone up so often they say: well how much is this going to cost? Because they’ve had such crappy service for so long that all they go is oh what’s the cheapest then?

And the conversation has to be shifted to tell me about your business and let’s see how we can help your business succeed.

Tell me about your business so I can tell you how I can help you. That’s what you should hear from a bookkeeper or an accountant. They should be listening to the type of business, the challenges you have, taking notes on that drawing something out and prescribing and saying, this is a system, this is the cloud system we can set up.

That the receipts are all taken care of, your pos system, your inventory systems, all plugs into here into a forecast over here, we manage everything week to week, so that you save a ton of time, you know exactly what’s happening in your business and now the cost, there is so much value to that, the cost it makes sense to a business owner.

So, for you bookkeepers and accountants when you hear them phone up and say how much is this going to cost? It’s because they don’t see the value in what they are getting right now. And if you offer them value, if you care about their business and you want to help them, you are going to win the work.

It just, and you know how frustrated I get when I hear an accounting pro come up to me and say, no, we do this, we I literally last week had someone that was trying to tell me that this desktop tools they are using…and the cloud is completely insecure and your are like yeah, well every single thing you do is already up on the network, if you have a bank, if you don’t have money under your mattress, it’s already up there so, and I trust the leading security system over the sticky note that you have on your desktop, with your password to get into your desktop…software.

So, totally different topic but…


Yeah, totally, different topic. Blaine, thank you so much we are almost out of time, so at this point I’m just going to wrap up, say thanks again for shedding some light on what we should be looking for in an accountant and bookkeeper who are willing to take on that much more highly valued, strategic advocacy role that looks towards where your business is pointed then where it has been.

So thanks again, if you are interested in anymore information regarding this topic you can always reach out to us or find lots of information on our blog at

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