Bring Clarity to Your Numbers

Gain insight and direction with the simple way to picture revenue, profit and cash flow scenarios.

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Anticipate the flow of money through your business

For businesses with highly variable cash flow and sales cycles, Dryrun models key financial scenarios to inform your decisions.

Dryrun is flexible, simple and in the cloud.

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Know when you'll get paid

• Keep track of your invoices
• Avoid shortfalls
• Visualize your monthly cash flow

Predict your sales pipeline

• Know how much you need to make a profit
• Track sales projections
• Compare your actual sales to your projections

Evaluate your productivity

• Identify issues that affect your profit
• See how delays affect your bottom line
• Maximize your efficiency

Plan for sustainable growth

• Make informed hiring and purchasing decisions
• Get a handle on your long term potential
• Understand the best time for expansion