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  • See your cash flow, budget and sales pipeline with absolute clarity.
  • Compare ‘what if’ scenarios to review all your options and make decisive strategic business moves.
  • Stay on top of your cash flow, avoid crisis and confidently plan for growth.

Dryrun takes a lot of the mystery and anxiety out of the numbers…it’s been fantastic…It’s such a clear picture of how our day-to-day actions and how our productivity affects our bottom line.
Corey Lansdell
Founder, Pulp Studios

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Read how Eric and Chris with Wondersauce use Dryrun to know the state of their business.

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There are so many cashflow apps, but most of them are very complicated and they don’t stick to the basics that most accountants look for. It’s great, I love it!
Tony Tropeano
Founder, Swiftax
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