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Control your
cash flow

The simple, clear and
fast way to compare
cash flow scenarios.


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How do you know if your decisions are making or losing you money?

Dryrun is a tool that helps small businesses take control of their cash flow.

• create quick projections
• adjust your numbers on the fly
• compare scenarios
• plan budgets
• easy collaboration

Deal with unpredictable finances and clarify your decisions.

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Learn how Dryrun works
Dryrun app on a notebook computer

Move Beyond Spreadsheets

• purpose-built to compare your options
• faster, easier, more powerful than spreadsheets
• works great for teams.
• Export your cash flow statement  

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Uncluttered and Clear Cash Flow

• control what you see
• high-light key numbers
• crystal-clear graphs

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Compare Scenarios in Seconds

• test assumptions in just a few clicks
• rough in numbers on-the-fly
• simple, straight-forward interface

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Collaborate and Share

• simple sharing
• control read/write access
• export graphs, spreadsheets and a cash flow statement

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