Bring Clarity to Your Numbers

The simple way to picture revenue, profit and cash flow scenarios


Gain Insight & Direction to Grow Your Business

Dryrun brings cash flow management and scenario planning into a single, easy-to-use cloud-based tool

Highly Flexible

Look at the financial data that matters to you. Profit, Cash Flow, Sales Revenue. Take your pick. Dryrun is as powerful as it is flexible.

Compare Scenarios

Financial scenario planning with ease. Stop struggling with cumbersome spreadsheets. Test assumptions in seconds.

Clear Visuals

It can be hard to pinpoint financial issues in columns of numbers, but clear graphs give you insight and direction.

Visualize your cash flow, sales pipeline, profit margins and other key financial metrics.

From cash flow management and budgets, through to visualizing revenue forecasts and evaluating profit margins, Dryrun helps you uncover the key metrics that mean the most to your business.

Tied with innovative and powerful scenario planning, Dryrun helps you understand the direction you are headed and empowers you to make decisions.

Collaboration is key in business. Exporting data, presenting graphs and sharing financial scenarios keeps people in the loop, motivates and moves your business forward.

Get started with Dryrun today and bring clarity to your business.

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See how Dryrun can make it fast and easy to compare key financial scenarios.

Evaluating your options is critical for decisions, direction and taking action to grow your business

Scenario planning has never been easier or more powerful. You can literally duplicate a scenario, change a key variable and view the results in seconds.

See what you want, hide what you don’t. Run as many scenarios as you need to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

Fast, easy and clear scenarios is absolutely core to Dryrun and unique in the industry. Scenarios analysis and strategic planning isn’t just for big business anymore.

Take hold of your data and make the most of it.

Cash is king. Dryrun makes cash flow management, simple, quick and clear.

Dryrun is more than simply a cash flow tool, it’s an app built to help you make decisions and take action. When a cash flow crunch is on the horizon, you can compare as many scenarios as you need to gain direction and make a plan.

It’s absolutely critical that your business have a constant and healthy cash flow. But knowing the amount of that invoice isn’t enough, you need to know when the invoices will be paid and what to do when things go awry.

Dryrun is a simple and clear cash flow app that let’s you peer into the future and identify issues before they hit.

Understanding your data starts with crystal clear graphs and visuals

Visualizing your finances is key to understanding where you’re headed. Dryrun’s clean and clear visuals makes it easy to scan your data and picture where you’re headed.

Users often start with cash flow analysis but soon they’re reviewing budgets and revenue projections. Soon they move onto issues that affect their profit and establish their key performance indicators (kpi) that mean the most to their business growth.

Dryrun is built for teams

Collaboration is critical for gaining a consensus and growing your business. Dryrun makes it simple to share your scenario planning and cash flow forecasts with other Dryrun users. Enter their email address, select ‘read-only’ or ‘read and write’ privileges then send.

Now you can run ideas past your team, your accountant or advisors and move your business forward.

Coming Soon: Our advanced collaboration features will soon included sharing scenarios, tracking changes and other key features that work great for teams.

Accessible from nearly any device & integrated with your favorite tools

Dryrun holds all of your data securely in the cloud so that you can login from anywhere, anytime. We’re constantly rolling out new features and updates to help you run your business.

We host Dryrun on one of the world’s most advanced and secure systems and maintain constant backups and reliability tests.

Coming Soon: We know how tedious it can be to enter and update your data so we are working hard on our first integrations with the tools you love most. We will be rolling out new integrations on a regular basis but please email with your wish-list!

What our users are saying

“Dryrun takes a lot of the mystery and anxiety out of the numbers…it’s been fantastic…It’s such a clear picture of how our day-to-day actions and how our productivity affects our bottom line…It’s lifted a lot of anxiety and stress from trying to understand and manage the numbers.”

  • Corey LansdellPartner @ Pulp Studios Inc

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Management Team

We come from small business and are dedicated to building the best cash flow and financial forecasting app to help you grow your business.

Blaine Bertsch

Founder and Designer, Blaine Bertsch, holds Bachelor and Master of Design degrees from the University of Alberta. He has run small creative businesses for over a decade.

Zaid Choudhary

Developer, Zaid Choudhary is an experienced software developer and entrepreneur. He ties his technology prowess with a passion for UI.

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