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Dryrun Cash Flow

Cash Flow Forecasting Software for Small Business

Dryrun is a cash flow forecasting tool with powerful budgeting and sales projections capabilities rolled in. It’s unique scenario-based approach that makes it easy to test your assumptions.

The flexibility, clear visuals and powerful collaboration features offer a complete picture to small business owners and accountants alike. Use the Xero Add-on feature to keep your bills and invoices up-to-date.

What our customers are saying:

“Dryrun takes a lot of the mystery and anxiety out of the numbers…it’s been fantastic…It’s such a clear picture of how our day-to-day actions and how our productivity affects our bottom line.”

  • Corey LansdellPartner @ Pulp Studios Inc

Dryrun Cash Flow Forecasting

Xero Add-on for cash flow forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasts

Understanding and anticipating your cash flow is the key to surviving and growing as a small business. Stop using difficult to manage spreadsheets and discover the benefits of using Dryrun.

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Powerful Budgeting

Build highly detailed budgets that stretch into the future. Set different repeats for different items and make changes to forecast the affect on your cash. Flexible, real-world and powerful.

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Sales Projections

Sales Projections

Estimate and track your sales so that you can ramp up to address slow periods and identify capacity issues before they affect your cash. Compare sales forecasts to your cash flow to better understand your business.

See how you can build better sales projections >>


How We're Different

See the Complete Picture


Compare multiple scenarios to test ‘what ifs.’ Build and track sales projections alongside your cash flow.


Edit nearly anything in Dryrun to model what you need. Even explore profit margins and build growth plans.

Easy Collaboration

Share forecasts in a click, set read-only or read & write access and add additional members to your account.

Simple Pricing

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Single User

  • Create Unlimited Forecasts
  • Unlimited Scenarios in Forecasts
  • Build Recurring Budget
  • Track Payables & Receivables
  • Integrate with Xero
  • Graph & Spreadsheet Export
  • Add/Manage Member Subscriptions
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Buy 3, Get 1 Free

Add 3 Subscriptions and Get the 4th Free

  • Add 3 or more users in the Members area of your Dryrun account and activate their subscriptions* to earn your 4th subscription for free.

  • *Read-only Limited subscriptions do not qualify. Limit of 1 free subscription per account.

  • Read-Only Accounts

  • Need to share your forecasts with colleagues but they only need to view the data? Purchase read-only subscriptions for $5/month in the Members area in your Dryrun account.


Questions? Contact us today at, 1-855-4DRYRUN (437-9786)

Features Include:

  • • Xero Connected App
  • • Import Bills & Invoices from Xero
  • • Select Xero Import Date Range
  • • Import Xero Data to Specific Scenarios
  • • Select Bills and/or Invoices to Import
  • • Pipedrive Integration
  • • Import Pipedrive Deals
  • • Pipelines appear as Categories in Receivables
  • • Deals entered by Value and Expected Close Date
  • • Manually Create and Edit Bills & Invoices
  • • Unlimited Forecasts Per User
  • • Unlimited Scenarios Per Forecast
  • • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cash Flow Views
  • • Add Members to Account
  • • Read-only Accounts Available
  • • Share Forecasts
  • • Specify Read/Write or Read-only Privileges
  • • Read-only Account Option for Members
  • • Export Cash Flow Statement to Excel
  • • Export Cash Flow Graphs
  • • Scenario Planning
  • • Manual Control to Add/Edit/Delete Items
  • • Edit Month Start Amount
  • • Build a Recurring Budget
  • • Create Repeating Budget Items

  • • Create Categories
  • • Edit Month Start Figures
  • • Templates
  • • Real-time Graph Updates
  • • View Multiple Scenarios at Once
  • • Visual Graphing of Cash Flow Scenarios
  • • Show/Hide Scenarios on Graph
  • • Graph Month End
  • • Graph Monthly Total
  • • Color-Coded Month End
  • • Move Forward & Back in Time
  • • Jump to a Date
  • • Jump to ‘Today’
  • • Minimize View
  • • ‘Quick Model’ One-click Tests
  • • Compound Growth Modelling
  • • Accessible on Any Web Browser
  • • Currency Selection & Placement
  • • Number Format