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Control Your
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How do you know if your decisions are making or losing you money?

Built from the ground up to help you compare your options, plan budget and cash flow scenarios, collaborate, and come to a consensus. Fast.

Dryrun's all about trying out different ideas and exploring every alternative. It thrives where the big decisions are made.

Dryrun gives clarity to your cash flow.

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No More Spreadsheets

Dryrun is purpose-built to help you peer into the future and compare your options. It's faster, easier, more powerful and works great for teams.  

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Uncluttered and Clear Cash Flow

Gain clarity and confidence in your business. From high-lighting key numbers to the crystal-clear graphs, control what you see and focus on key numbers.

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Compare Scenarios in Seconds

To make an informed decision, you need to understand your options. Compare scenarios in just a few clicks and rough in numbers on-the-fly. Nothing is as simple or as powerful.

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Collaborate and Share

It's simple to share your plan with collegues, control read/write access and export graphs and spreadsheets. When working on budgets and cash flow with a team, nothing is as easy or feature-rich.

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