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The only planning tool that compares revenue, profit and cash flow scenarios
to help you manage and grow your business. Simple, flexible and in the cloud.

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Paying bills. The only constant in the creative industry. Everything else is in flux. Projects sizes, amounts, pay dates and timelines. Managing future sales and current cash flow can feel like air traffic control.

Our customers include designers, photographers, illustrators, marketers, advertising agencies and others that build their business project to project. Dryrun helps you understand the key numbers in your business, your revenue, profit and cash flow, all in one place.

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When will we get paid?

• Keep track of your receivables
• Avoid shortfalls
• Visualize your monthly cash flow
• Keep an eye on your bottom line

Do we have enough work?

• How much do we need next month? Next quarter?
• Track sales projections
• Know how much you need to make a profit
• Monitor your actual sales to your projections

Are we productive?

• Do we complete and deliver work fast enough?
• Are we maximizing our working hours?
• Which projects make us the most money?
• Identify and address issues early

Is it a good time to grow?

• Make informed hiring and purchasing decisions
• Get a handle on your long term sales
• Model and compare scenarios
• Time your growth