Connect to Your Favourite Apps

Use Dryrun with your favourite tools and apps to make visualizing your cash flow and sales pipeline easier than ever.


Import your bills, invoices and bank balance into Dryrun. Even keep track of unpaid and overdue items. Track your cash flow and compare scenarios.

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Import deals, values and closing dates into Dryrun where you can track your sales pipeline alongside your cash flow.

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Quickbooks Online

Import your bills and invoices into Dryrun where you can track your cash flow and compare scenarios. Keep track of flagged unpaid and overdue items.

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Control Where Your Data Appears

Unsure if you want integrated data to show up in all or your scenarios? We’ve provided complete control to import the data you want into individual scenarios.

Now that we have an in house accountant that has a finger on the pulse of our business, he can send us multiple scenarios. I have no other tool that can do it like this.
Eric Mayville -
Founder, Wondersauce

Simple and Flexible

Since you are the expert on your business, we’ve removed as many restrictions as possible so that you can do what needs to be done as quickly and simply. That includes making changes to your imported data in Dryrun to test your assumptions.

We’ll never change your data in your connected tool, just in Dryrun.

So test away!

Strategy based on the big picture

We work better together! A roster of core integrated apps will showcase your finances so that strategic next-steps become clear.

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