Clear & Powerful Cash Flow Forecasts

Forward-looking cash flow & sales scenarios to drive your business growth.

Big deals, big bills & big invoices.

  • Do you work from project to project, invoice to invoice?
  • Do you have big inventory, contractor or materials bills?
  • Are you always on the hunt for the next big deal with your customers?

Dryrun helps predict your future finances.

Drive Growth

For creative agencies, manufacturers and other great businesses that need to take control of their cash flow, predict their sales and seek advice from advisors.

Read the Wondersauce case study.

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Know where your business is headed

Avoid nasty surprises and make informed decisions.

Predict when money is coming and going, when you’ll have money to fuel your growth and reduce your risk of a shortfall. You can be smart with your finances.

  • See your future in full-color
  • Import data to build forecasts fast
  • Compare ‘what ifs’ in a few clicks

Clear Communication

Use Dryrun to keep your partners and advisors in the loop.

Keeping everyone on the same page is critical to move your business forward. Spend your time discussing ideas, not explaining a spreadsheet.

  • Real-time reporting for everyone
  • Control access to forecasts with other colleagues and advisors
  • Export your plans to send to banks and investors
My favorite feature in Dryrun's software is the ability to model out different scenarios. Often business owners don't know what metrics have changed, and by how much, without this unique feature. Dryrun makes it very clear where risks to your business and faulty thinking lie.
Pierre Waters, Moving to Madrid

Make the Most of Your Time

Know your options and make the right decision.

Shortfalls, capacity issues, missing goals, juggling money. They all demand attention at the worst possible time and the answers are often unclear. Forward-looking forecasts will keep you informed and allow you to use your valuable time proactively.

  • Regular, quick updates keep you on top of your cash flow
  • Deal with issues ahead of time and on your terms
  • Using integrations, your data can be up-to-date in a click

Reduce Your Risk & Protect Your Income

The #1 reason businesses die is that they run out of cash. But the issues that lead to crisis are often avoidable… when you give yourself time to react.

Looking into the future gives you that time.

From avoiding a cash flow crunch, through to plugging the holes that are hemorrhaging cash in your business, forecasts can be a true game-changer for your business.

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