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Coming from small business, we created a product for small business

Dryrun is the product of co-founder Blaine Bertsch's 15 years of battle in the trenches of small business. Like every small business owner, he needed to find a better way to track his cash flow, get a handle on his sales pipeline and plan for growth. He created Dryrun to offer a simple, fast and flexible tool to help business owners make informed operational decisions, then hired a tight team of professionals to bring it to you.
The simple way to forecast cash flow
Our Management
Blaine Bertsch

With a Master of Design from the University of Alberta, Blaine has more than 15 years of successful entrepreneurial experience. Today, he focuses on building cash flow software company Dryrun to help businesses and financial professionals work toward financial health through cash flow and sales forecasting. An insightful leader, Blaine is an active mentor and volunteer in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Tariq Bacchus

Tariq Bacchus is Co-Founder & CTO at Dryrun and brings a wealth of necessary technical knowledge to the team. With at Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Technology and experience as a systems developer, Tariq leads Dryrun’s technical advancement and integration, as well as incorporating new features seamlessly. Tariq’s code is hard at work under the hood of Dryrun, which ensures accountant and small businesses don’t have to get more techie than they feel comfortable with in order to use Dryrun’s visual, flexible and powerful platform. Tariq lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Barb Easter

Involved in business development and growth for the past decade, Barb’s experience includes successes across various industries in customer engagement, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Today, Barb helps Dryrun users reduce their financial hurdles and grow their business.

Shea St. Laurent

Shea St. Laurent is a connector. Thriving on people’s unique stories and how she can match them with the information that fulfills their needs, Shea is the Director of Customer Experience at Dryrun. With an aptitude for building rewarding and genuine professional relationships, Shea has held roles of mentor, business specialist, and account director throughout a number of industries before joining Dryrun. You’ll encounter her in all aspects of Dryrun-from the initial welcome, to help and support, and she’ll be there to guide you along the way.

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