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Coming from small business, we created a product for small business

Dryrun is the product of co-founder Blaine Bertsch's 15 years of battle in the trenches of small business. Like every small business owner, he needed to find a better way to track his cash flow, get a handle on his sales pipeline and plan for growth. He created Dryrun to offer a simple, fast and flexible tool to help business owners make informed operational decisions, then hired a tight team of pros to bring it to you.
The simple way to forecast cash flow
Our Management
Blaine Bertsch

Blaine Bertsch is the Co-Founder and CEO at Dryrun, where he oversees the strategic direction and core operations for the company and the software platform. Blaine also leads the application’s design direction, resulting in a beautiful, flexible and actionable customer experience.

Blaine’s mission is to have a lasting positive impact on businesses all over the world by helping them collaborate with their accounting team to manage cash flow and grow.

In 2019, Blaine released his first book, Pandemic Cash Flow, which explores the problems businesses face and offers a collaborative and effective solution to crushing the affliction.

With a Master of Design from the University of Alberta, Blaine has more than 15 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in graphic design, interactive design in the educational and cultural space, and television. Blaine empowers and advises entrepreneurs and mature businesses throughout Alberta and beyond in the online space as well as locally in Edmonton.

Tariq Bacchus

Tariq Bacchus is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dryrun. Tariq leads Dryrun’s technical advancement, integration and security, as well as incorporating new features and upgrades seamlessly. Tariq’s code ensures that accountants, bookkeepers and their business clients can take advantage of a clear, flexible and powerful platform.

Prior to Dryrun, Tariq spent three years in the role of System Developer at Finning Canada, building digital infrastructure that enabled the company to deliver solutions to customers across Canada.

Tariq has a Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology Degree from NAIT, which has led him well on his path to become a full stack developer. Tariq is fluent in .NET, C#, SQL, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. He is also regularly dabbling in other technologies including PHP, WordPress, Python, Node.js and Java.

In his spare time, Tariq can be found long-boarding around the world. Past destinations have included Japan, Thailand, Oregon, New York, California, Alaska, New England, Paris, and Mexico with plans to explore Australia, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Singapore, Columbia, and Peru. An experienced amateur photographer, Tariq enjoys photographing the landscapes and cultures that he explores during his travels.

Barb Easter

Barbara Easter has developed a career as a coach for businesses and families in her 15 years working in the financial and education fields. In 2018, Barb was nominated to serve as judge for the accounting and bookkeeping industry’s 2018 Inspire Recognition Program which honours excellence in the accounting and bookkeeping fields for their lifetime of achievements

Serving as the Director of Partnerships at Dryrun, Barbara plays an important role in educating accountants and bookkeepers on best practices for cash flow modeling and management with their business clients as well as onboarding larger firms’ partners, employees and clients. Barbara has been an instrumental part in developing Dryrun’s referral channel – connecting businesses that need cash flow advisory to a growing and carefully vetted network of trained Dryrun Partners throughout North America.

Prior to her current role at Dryrun, Barbara worked in Customer Success and Communications, helping the team create messaging with a focus on cash flow literacy and empowerment for the small and medium-sized businesses that gut it out in the trenches every day. Before joining the Dryrun team, she had a successful freelance marketing and communications business, catering to a variety of industry professionals and organisations throughout the world.

Barbara is an accredited writer and editor and is a financial coach for families around the globe through Australian-based Grandmas Jars and its sister organisation Money Skills for Life. She is professionally fluent in both English and American Sign Language (ASL).

Barb received her BA in Communications from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and also holds diplomas in ASL Interpretation and Business from St. Clair College.

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