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Coming from small business, we created a product for small business

Dryrun is the product of co-founder Blaine Bertsch's 15 years of battle in the trenches of small business. Like every small business owner, he needed to find a better way to track his cash flow, get a handle on his sales pipeline and plan for growth. He created Dryrun to offer a simple, fast and flexible tool to help business owners make informed operational decisions, then hired a tight team of pros to bring it to you.
The simple way to forecast cash flow
Our Management
Blaine Bertsch

Blaine Bertsch is the Co-Founder and CEO at Dryrun, where he oversees the strategic direction and core operations for the company. Blaine also leads the application’s design direction, resulting in a beautiful, flexible and actionable customer experience. Blaine’s mission is to have a lasting positive impact on businesses all over the world by helping them manage cash flow and grow.

In 2019, Blaine released his first book, Pandemic Cash Flow, which explores the problems businesses face and offers a collaborative and effective solution to crushing the affliction. With a Master of Design from the University of Alberta, Blaine has more than 15 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in graphic design, interactive design in the educational and cultural space.

Tariq Bacchus

Tariq Bacchus is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dryrun. Tariq leads Dryrun’s technical advancement, integration and security, as well as incorporating new features and upgrades seamlessly. Tariq’s code ensures that accountants, bookkeepers and their business clients can take advantage of a clear, flexible and powerful platform.

Prior to Dryrun, Tariq was System Developer at Finning Canada, building digital infrastructure that enabled the company to deliver solutions to customers across Canada.

Tariq has a Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology Degree from NAIT, which has led him well on his path to become a full stack developer. Tariq is fluent in .NET, C#, SQL, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. He also regularly dabbles in other technologies including PHP, WordPress, Python, Node.js and Java.

In his spare time, Tariq can be found long-boarding around the world. Past destinations have included Japan, Thailand, Oregon, New York, California, Alaska, New England, Paris, China and Mexico with plans to explore Australia, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Singapore, Columbia, and Peru. An experienced amateur photographer and digital storyteller, Tariq enjoys photographing the landscapes and cultures that he explores during his travels.

Jeremy Burke

Jeremy Burke is the Director of Business Development at Dryrun. He excels at developing new market opportunities, communities and teams in the business world and comes to Dryrun after a decade with Intuit Canada, makers of QuickBooks. Jeremy has a passion for supporting small businesses, consulting with over 35K small business across Canada and training over 3K accountants and bookkeepers on a vast assortment of business applications, sales, marketing and strategic initiatives. Jeremy strongly believes educating the business owner to overcome the world’s biggest business pandemic “poor cash flow management” is the key to unlocking a wonderful world economy and success in business not only for owners but the employees and the families they support.

Jeremy loves coaching his three kids and hundreds of Edmonton’s community youth athletes in a wrestling room at the university, local hockey rink, or on a soccer field. Growing up in small military communities across Canada, sports were important to him and he believes it is vital to share the joy he received on the field. Sports have provided Jeremy with many valuable lessons in leadership and work ethic and he sees it as a great platform to developing highly productive members of our future communities.

Jeremy loves to discover what makes businesses tick and sharing an endless array of ideas to help. Feel free to connect by phone, email, Facebook, or a social channel below.

Barb Easter

Barbara Easter has developed a career as a coach for businesses and families in her 15 years working in the financial and education fields. Serving as the Director of Client Success at Dryrun, Barbara plays an important role in educating and supporting CFOs, accountants and businesses on best practices for real-time cash flow modeling and management with their business clients as well as onboarding larger firms’ partners, employees and clients. Barbara has been an instrumental part in developing Dryrun’s referral channel – connecting businesses that need cash flow advisory to a growing and carefully vetted network of trained Dryrun Partners throughout North America. She helps accountants put on their ‘business hat’ and invites business owners into the world of accounting and finance.

Prior to joining Dryrun, Barbara worked in corporate communications, educating and empowering businesses about cash flow literacy. She built a successful marketing and communications practice, catering to a variety of industry professionals and organisations throughout the world.

Barb spends her leisure time with her small kids and husband, and also volunteers ‘behind the scenes’ for a number of community and sports organizations. Hot or cold, black coffee is her absolute favorite drink in the world.


Jay Owen

As the Director of Marketing for Dryrun, Jay brings more then 25 years of Marketing and General Management experience from some of the most significant brands and businesses in North America and around the world.

Whether the objective is to increase brand awareness or business engagement in a specific category or to utilize varying technologies (Digital, Social, SEM/SEO) to push lead management strategies that will cultivate market share, Jay’s techniques and approaches have to be on the cutting edge and must always focus on delivering measurable results.

Jay has worked across many key industries including health & fitness, technology, automotive, retail, financial, telecommunications, hospitality, packaged goods and the energy sector. With his diversity of experience, he brings a unique perspective to Marketing.

Spending a significant portion of his life living and traveling abroad has developed his unique perspective for the Marketing industry across multiple countries and cultures. Jay was educated in international schools early in life and returned to Canada to finish his schooling; he holds a degree in Business Management and Political Science from The University of Western Ontario.

Jay lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his wife and their 2 dogs – Charlie & Piper. He has been a personal trainer for many years and is also an avid fitness fanatic.

Chris Chan

Chris Chan is the Senior Business Development Representative at Dryrun. He has a passion for building new sales processes to enhance the client’s buying experience, where every email and call provides value.

Prior to joining Dryrun, Chris worked in an analyst office with the Department of National Defence and been a part of an academic research centre. However, Chris’ most impactful experience is within a fast-growing technology startup in Vancouver where he armed himself with the knowledge of the latest sales enablement tools and top-of-funnel best practices.

Aside from advancing Dryrun’s mission, Chris spends his time as an advisory board member for a think tank on Canadian foreign affairs, playing music, and streaming on Twitch.

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