NEW: Office Hours/Open Q&A Wednesdays 1pm PST
Posted 06 March by Barb Easter in Dryrun Updates

Join Dryrun’s Barb Easter for open office time every Wednesday afternoon at 1 pm – 2 pm PST. Chat about cash flow and sales, using Dryrun with clients, QuickBooks Online, Xero and Pipedrive integrations, upcoming trainings for bookkeepers, best scenario mixes and more. Drop in any time. Zoom Join URL:

Cash Flow Forecasting as a Team Sport
Posted 01 March by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Case Studies, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Small Business

Blaine Bertsch with Dryrun, discusses how businesses and finance pros can work together to give small business the best optics for the least work.

VIDEO: Cash Flow Q&A – Intro to Value Pricing
Posted 08 February by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Videos

What is Value Pricing and How Can Bookkeepers and Accountants Use the Strategy? With Barb Easter, Director of Partnerships at Dryrun Video Transcript: Hi, this is barb with dry run and today I’d like to talk with you about something that’s near and dear to my heart, which is value based pricing. OK. So I […]

Case Study: How I’d Use Cloud Apps to Improve my Business Today
Posted 30 January by Blaine Bertsch in Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, School for SaaS Tools, Small Business, Uncategorized

Today, I run a subscription-based software business, however, I spent over a decade running a project-based service business. Many of the cash flow, growth and capacity struggles that I experienced then still plague project-based businesses today. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I know now that a system to help me manage […]

Forecast Your Cash Flow and Sales in the Cloud
Posted 21 December by Blaine Bertsch in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Entrepreneur, School for SaaS Tools, Small Business

Meet Dryrun’s forecasting software. Say goodbye to nasty surprises. Priority number one: eliminate nasty surprises that come sneaking toward your business from one day to the next…neutralizing them means you can concentrate on strategy to make more money. In other words, develop the ability to see into the future. Forecast with Dryrun Dryrun’s unique cash […]

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