Move to Weekly Bookkeeping with Cash Management
Posted 07 September by Jay Owen in Bookkeeping, Cash Flow

Say goodbye to monthly/quarterly bookkeeping for good! You’ve probably noticed that the more frequently you work with your clients on their bookkeeping (or on yours, personally!), the more insight you have with regards to the current cash flow situation. And therefore, the more likely you are to be able to advise on cash management issues […]

How to Turn Regular Bookkeeping into Cash Management
Posted 19 August by Jay Owen in Advisory, Bookkeeping

Make the leap from traditional accounting to Advisory services this year.  It is a very common perception that the transition from Accountant to Advisor seems overwhelming. However, you can easily have the skills to grow into an advisor over time if you use some of your everyday activities (like bookkeeping) to support your clients.  Using […]

Curiosity: A CFO’s Best Friend
Posted 16 August by Jay Owen in CFO

Curiosity is the one common denominator that allowed us to create fire thousands of years ago and today, it’s the name of a rover on Mars that’s studying the red planet.  Back here on Earth, curiosity is what keeps business improving, especially if you’re a CFO. In that case, you’re a cross-functional business partner in […]

It’s Not Magic – It’s called Process Management
Posted 13 August by Jay Owen in Advisory, Tools and Resources

…but we do like being called Magicians. Many of our Partners think that we are performing magic when we take them through the processes, we have created to support CPA Practices moving into Advisory Services. It’s far from magic, but we do thank you for the recognition.  It’s experience, knowledge and an ability to look […]

The Rise of the CPA Pro-Advisor
Posted 13 August by Jay Owen in Accounting, Advisory

Your basic Accountant is transforming to provide management and consulting services.  Businesses need more from the experts they work with. You can be a part of that change! Accounting has always been the language of business. Its use has undergone many changes throughout the generations. Regardless of these changes, technology has always played a role […]

Bringing More Value to your Clients through Advisory Services
Posted 06 August by Jay Owen in Advisory, Cash Flow

It’s no secret that lately CPAs and CPA Firms have been moving towards advisory services. Businesses that fail to offer these services risk losing clients or failing to expand their businesses, so we’re here to explain the Value Chain, pinpointing how your firm can improve and add value to current and potential clients.  Wearing your […]

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