Feature Focus: Why Use Scenario Refresh
Posted 21 January by Barb Easter in Case Studies, Cash Flow, Feature Mini Case, Tools and Resources

With two refresh options, Dryrun appears to overthink user experience, however, a manual refresh option at both the forecast and scenario level is evidence of the power and control that Dryrun users have in modeling out their future ‘what ifs’ Feature Basics While many of the API processes run automatically in the background, Dyrun’s Refresh […]

Knowledge Base Now Built-in to Dryrun
Posted 17 January by Blaine Bertsch in Uncategorized

No need to leave your forecast to explore the Dryrun Knowledge Base. It’s now in line with the chat/help bubble in the bottom-right-hand corner of your screen when you’re in Dryrun. This move will make the knowledge base easier to keep up to date and on par with the rapid pace of our development, and […]

Business Case: Medical Practice
Posted 17 January by Barb Easter in Advisory, Case Studies, CFO

Just like other organizations, medical practices seek awareness of short-term gaps to avoid cash flow shortages and need a way to communicate operations to colleagues and staff. Typical Case Established a multi-practitioner medical office experiences volatility in payables, receivables, and expenses due to the timing of insurance payments, patient refunds, and large biweekly payroll expenses, […]

2020 Vision: Plan your Xero-Driven Advisory Practice Now
Posted 07 January by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Cash Flow, CFO

While it’s mid-year – not New Year – for your client files, CPAs can leverage the “best foot forward” phenomenon that calendar new year brings to promote high-value cash flow advisory services in a way that is comfortable and profitable for both parties. Leverage Tech Time Savings Xero enables CPAs to use cloud tech to […]

Happy Thanksgiving
Posted 14 October by Barb Easter in Culture

The team at Dryrun wishes our friends and colleagues a very joyous Thanksgiving. We’ll be off for the day spending time with loved ones and will pick up where we left off tomorrow, Tuesday October 15. The Dryrun Team

Dryrun Walkthrough – Quick Start
Posted 09 October by Barb Easter in Dryrun Updates, News, Tools and Resources, Uncategorized, Videos

Businesses and advisors alike will benefit by watching this walkthrough video of first steps in Dryrun’s cash flow forecasting software. Book your free consultation today to get your forecast up and running smoothly. Published 7-Oct-2019

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