Cash Flow Forecasts

Know the direction your business is taking.

Dryrun is tailor-made for small businesses to display and forecast their finances with simple and intuitive software. Your data is organized and easy to visualize. We built Dryrun to show you critical data at a glance so you can be decisive and informed when it comes to your business.

Bring clarity to your cash flow

Clarity. Watch your highly variable receivables and payables as they influence your cash flow. Perhaps view alongside your sales pipeline and monthly business budget.

Dryrun’s ability to easily create and view different scenarios allows you to easily monitor your financial data and strategize with confidence.

Exercise unparalleled manual control and flexibility

Split your data into manageable chunks by separating your recurring budget from your payables and receivables – making it really simple to focus on the key areas that affect your business.

Don’t like our suggestion? Our flexible software will allow you to set up what makes sense for your business.

Import your data from your favourite tools

Whether you want to enter key data yourself or import it from one of your favourite tools like Xero, Quickbooks or Pipedrive,

Dryrun makes it easy with a few clicks of a button. Refresh your integrated program and watch the changes roll out across Dryrun in a series of financial models with current and future cash flow visualizations. All your key information – together at last.

Now that we have an in house accountant that has a finger on the pulse of our business, he can send us multiple scenarios. I have no other tool that can do it like this.
Eric Mayville
Founder, Wondersauce
New York City

Toggle from big picture to the fine details

Along with complete manual control to model unique business circumstances, Dryrun frees you from repetitive administrative tasks and leaves more time for you to think strategically about your business based on the data you’ve entered.

Collaborate with key decision-makers

Share time-sensitive forecasts with your leadership team, colleagues, accountant, or even help your mom understand what you do.

You’ll still have full control over who sees your specific forecasts, and can even limit another user to read-only access. Export graphs for presentations and spreadsheets when you need them.

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