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Poor Cash Flow Management Leads to Failure

U.S. Bank conducted a study and discovered that 82% of the time, poor business cash flow management or poor understanding of cash flow contributes to the failure of a small business. – Jessie Hagen of U.S. Bank, cited on the SCORE/Counselors to America’s Small Business –

Monthly Cash Flow Management is Key to Survival

According to a study by Fin Pacific, businesses managing their cash flow on a monthly basis have an 80% survival rate versus businesses that rely on cash flow planning as an annual activity.

Even Profitable Businesses Fail

According to Fin Pacific, 70% of businesses that fail were profitable when they closed their doors. The key is cash – they simply weren’t receiving the necessary cash flow to maintain operations, even though they were profitable ‘on paper.’

Late Payments are Rampant

Fundbox analyzed 20 million invoices and found that 64% of businesses are paid late. They found that 48% of net 30, 45% of net 60 and 35% of net 90 invoices resulted in late payments.


A search for business cash flow results in over 1 million pages focused on the topic. Cash flow is top-of-mind for business owners, as it should be.

Nearly 30% of all businesses will die due to cash flow issues, yet according to a study by Intuit, 83% of businesses owners possessed a basic or failing grade of financial literacy.

Business Owner Complaints

A survey by Wasp Barcode of businesses with 11-100 employees found that their top complaints about their accountants were:

44% More reactive than proactive
36% Timelines
32% Lack of guidance
29% Doesn’t provide advice
24% Doesn’t educate me

Shortfalls Affect Over Half of All Businesses

According to the Intuit white-paper, “Quickbooks State of Cash Flow Report”, 62% of all businesses admit to experiencing a cash flow shortfall, or nearly running out of money.

Cash Flow Shortfalls Were a Surprise to Nearly Half Affected

In “Quickbooks State of Cash Flow Report”, 44% of businesses that run out of money, nearly half were taken completely by surprise.

You Don't Have to Run Out of Money to Feel Stress

The Intuit report goes beyond the chance of shortfalls and digs into the stress it puts on business owners. A whooping 80% report feeling stress over their cash flow whether they have run short of not.

Stress Leads to Sleepless Nights

So what’s the result of stress around cash flow? Sleepless nights. Nearly 70% of business owners are lying awake at night pondering the state of their cash flow.

Stress Leads to Sleepless Nights

Intuit asked businesses for input beyond cash flow shortfalls and fear. They asked them about growth. 76% of business owners are worried that cash flow issues will affect growth.

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