CPAs & Fractional CFOs

82% of business failures are due to poor cash management

You spend too much time building cash flow spreadsheets and your clients hate spreadsheets.

The Future of Cash Management Advisory

How Dryrun's different

With our business background, we built a platform businesses need.

  • Highly customizable data imports
  • Detailed auto forecasts
  • Unmatched flexibility and collaboration
  • Visuals your clients will understand
  • Powerful scenario modelling

Your clients aren’t cost sensitive, they’re value sensitive and haven’t a moment to waste. Dryrun’s both automatic to save time, with full manual control to visually model key opportunities and risks…allowing flexible strategy at the pace of biz ops and not a second slower.

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Timing is Everything: AR/AP

Track the timing of cash inflows and outflows to protect company assets, avoid shortfalls, drive profit and make sure money is rolling in the door.

  • Sync import data from QuickBooks Online & Xero
  • Due and overdue items are flagged for easy tracking
  • Option to ‘auto-bump’ overdue items to today
  • Change dates in a click for a realistic cash position forecast
  • Dryrun will update when payments arrive

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Compare 'What If' Scenarios

Rapid scenario planning will ensure your clients can steer clear of potential risks while driving growth.

  • Duplicate cash modelling scenarios with a click
  • Change data points in seconds to reflect innovations or barriers
  • Compare possible outcomes on the graph
  • Model nearly any business issue

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Organize Client Forecasts

With unlimited forecasts, it’s important to keep clients organized.

  • Organize forecasts and clients in a few clicks
  • Adjust forecast permissions, view last access
  • Assign staff and clients, or quickly remove access
  • Filter through different list options


Being able to visualize everything, it just looks more believable, you can just go down the list and see all the numbers. I love how everything is categorized.
Chris Sampogna -
Finance at Wondersauce

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