Dryrun Covid-19 Relief Program

Posted 25 March by Blaine Bertsch in Cash Flow, News, Press Releases, Small Business

Cash Flow Forecasting:
Dryrun Software Offers Covid 19 Relief Program


COVID-19 and its economic and societal fallout is causing major financial disruption and it has implications for businesses across the globe.

Disruption makes it tough to manage risks, forecast growth and track cash flow obligations.

Disruption makes it tough to communicate about financial management.

We can help you navigate these challenges and help you stay afloat.

Use Dryrun to map future issues like:

  • What does my revenue forecast look like with salespeople off and locations closed?
  • If sales are way down, how do I justify – or meet – payroll?
  • Do I have to pay out my employees for COVID-induced sick leave?
  • If I qualify for government incentives – when will they start to support my business?
  • How can I control my spiralling costs while my revenues tank?
  • When will I run out of money?
  • .. and millions more ‘what ifs’ that affect your clients.

Also, we can help in other ways:

  • Users receive a free PDF copy of Blaine Bertsch, CEO’s 2018 book Pandemic Cash Flow.
  • Our support team answers questions on cash flow best practices… whether you need to triage, manage or grow your business.
  • Access our growing library of print and web resources that outlines restructuring, managing & continuing your business during the COVID-19 disruption and in the economic fallout in the weeks and months to come.

Stay well,

Blaine Bertsch, CEO
Edmonton, AB Canada

Questions? Contact us at hello@dryrun.com or 1-877-4DRYRUN

Download a PDF of the Program >>

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