Dryrun Feature Release 65

Posted 24 February by Barb Easter in Uncategorized

Hold on tight, it’s a whopper!


Kind of a big deal – Dryrun has taken the functionality of the ‘Add Item’ feature and majorly amped up its performance by allowing users to add ‘dependent’ child items to the classic ‘parent’ items.

  • add child items to ‘Add item’ modal
  • add percent field to child item (will be percent of parent amount)
  • automatically update child item amount when percent and parent value inputs change
  • default category, repeat and start date to parent item
  • show note that says Dependencies removed will be deleted on save
  • delete all dependencies on parent item delete
  • click on parent item opens in center
  • remove save options for children (default to all instances)
  • remove save options for parent items (default to all instances)
  • add confirm message for deleting dependencies on item delete 
  • remove ability to add dependency on a dependency
  • default edit option to all instances/all future when dependency added


  • revamp item modal ui, change layout to horizontal
  • update placeholder and mark as paid toggles
  • remove repeat option for xero, qbo and intacct items (leave for pipedrive)
  • remove placeholder option for xero, qbo and intacct and auto forecast items (leave for pipedrive)
  • remove ‘mark as paid’ option for all integration items
  • fix mark as paid label click to check
  • update sub-text notes to yellow and add info icon
  • add category income styles (use compile colours)
  • add hover over title on category
  • remove clear option from start date picker
  • remove start date empty validation on save (can no longer be empty)
  • fix open original item modal when adding categories
  • override category once new one is added (in existing item modal)

Sage Intacct

  • Query line items and payments asynchronously (speed up performance, fix too many operations error)
  • Override item value on manual update (fix Intacct items not displaying amount when updated)


  • add unassigned forecasts to partner dashboard (created when they were on trial)
  • remove share/duplicate for partner unassigned forecasts
  • add assign button for unassigned forecasts 
  • add exception for partners trying to access personal forecasts
  • allow partners to delete personal forecasts


  • make all pop up modals visually consistent (fonts, input boxes, drop downs)
  • refactor ui in the following modals: adjust modal, range adjust modal, forecast modal, scenario modal, item modal, category modal
  • use global settings for popover-box
  • remove role drop down on register page
  • move contact form to welcome screen and remove all integrations, add get started with demo company button 
  • remove training menu item


  • migrate to Oauth 2.0 connections for improved connectivity 
  • initialize new API


  • fixed Intacct filter labels not copying properly on duplicate
  • fixed Intacct help web services link on connect
  • fixed users dashboard client not showing assigned to
  • fixed extra space on right side of page when two modals opened after each other
  • update due date to today when mark as paid checked on overdue items

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