Dryrun Feature Release 66

Posted 09 March by Barb Easter in Accounting, Advisory, Dryrun Updates, News

Currently discussing currency


  • Update scenario currency settings modal UI
  • Show scenario currency permanently if set and allow user to modify it regardless of currency conversion setting
  • Show scenario currency, forecast currency and exchange rate by scenario when currency conversion enabled
  • Convert due invoices and bills to forecast currency if currency conversion enabled
  • Convert cash balance to forecast currency if currency conversion enabled 
  • Allow consolidated scenario to access converted amounts if currency conversion enabled
  • Rename No Symbol to None for no currency option


  • Move integration settings to integration bar
  • Show integration bar for each integration connected 
  • Add company name to integration bar
  • Move settings toggle to cog icon next to company name
  • Update sub text in consolidate modal
  • Add currency conversion tip in consolidate modal if currency conversion disabled 


  • Fix refreshing of due bills and invoices on integration bar when item is modified
  • Fix setting of forecast currency to none (was overridden by global currency setting)

Release 66a

Released 16-Mar-2020


  • Perform API update to latest version (fix for Norwegian companies not connecting)


  • Temporarily bring back Intacct dimension filtering and line items

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