Futrli vs. Dryrun

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Here’s the next article in our series of helping business owners, financial people and accountants decide which tools and apps are the best way to help their clients. We’re featuring a Futrli (formerly known as Crunchboards) comparison.

The Dryrun team is addressing the core question of: What’s the best way for me to help my clients or my company prepare for business growth, profit or expansion? What’s the best app for cash flow management? How do I compare them objectively?

You can see our first comparison article here as we try to make it easy for time-starved users to compare similar products.

Dryrun is our favourite (of course!) But we’re well-acquainted with the cash flow, budgeting and sales forecasting scene, so it’s important to us that customers can access app features and relevant information in a clear way.

Up this month: Futrli vs. Dryrun!

Futrli vs. Dryrun

Both programs have their cash flow strengths but as with other software, each approaches the visualization from different angles. Futrli’s strength is centered around reporting – forecasts are fairly static – which is great for some businesses but others, with highly variable cash flow, require much more control.

Dryrun has the capability to build a powerfully flexible budget that is easy to understand and recurs forever. Our (unlimited!) cash flow and sales forecasting visualizations – aid businesses in their forward-focused operations.

Futrli App Overview

Futrli services medium to large businesses that require extensive reporting on their KPIs, budget, and to a lesser degree, cash flow. Futrli users are able to view reports (cards) and data along a number of timelines. Futrli imports data from QuickBooks Online and Xero in order to display data from your accounting tool of choice. While Futrli does import a .csv, the file format limits how a user can automatically refresh their live data.

Dryrun App Overview

Dryrun serves business owners and their accountants. We’re popular with project-based businesses like those in design, agriculture, wholesale and manufacture, where large bills and invoices can have a huge impact on cash flow, and with accountants who manage the financials across several companies or departments.

Highly future-focused, Dryrun handles financial forecasts keyed to cash flow, budget and sales projections in a beautiful, powerful, and compact visualization.

Focused on simplicity and power for operational next-steps, Dryrun gives each user unlimited scenarios to model out different hypotheticals and the ability to toggle them on and off for strategic and operational decisions. Dryrun is a Xero Connected App and QuickBooks Online to import accounting data, and integrates with Pipedrive for building powerful sales forecasts to be viewed alongside your budget and cash flow to give you insight toward strategic next-steps.



Founded as Crunchboards in 2014; rebranded as Futrli in 2017

Head office in Brighton, UK

Cloud, SaaS, Web


Founded in 2012

Head office in Canada

Cloud, SaaS, Web


Forecasts from last year’s actuals. Compare elements using the ‘cards’ system.

Strength: Automated & manually controlled forecasts. Compare multiple scenarios with multiple data points in each forecast.
Forecast: Cash flow and budget projections

Budget: Imported

Entry price of $49 USD/month

White-label Plan: Gold Plan is $750 USD/month; Enquire for Platinum Pricing

14-day Free Trial

Forecast: Cash flow, sales and growth projections

Budget: Auto built, ‘set it and forget it’ budget, complete editing control

Individual: $59 USD/month

Business: $99 USD/month

Advanced: $199 USD/month

14-Day Free Trial



QuickBooks Online



QuickBooks Online


Live online support during business hours

Training & webinars

Live online support during business hours

Knowledge base, Training docs, 1:1 training

Contact during business hours

Features: Report templates, exports in .csv and .pdf, forecasts up to 5 years, non-financial data fields, multiple what-if scenarios, forecasts generated from last year’s actuals, budget imports via .csv, KPI measurement, multiple forecasts per account line
Features: “What If” scenarios, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, billing and invoicing, cash flow management and strategy, easy recurring budgets, expense tracking, government and non-profit, multi-company, multi-project, project accounting, project budgeting, purchasing, revenue recognition, strategy, version control

As you can see, there are lots of features outlined here that show the core strengths of both apps. If you or your clients are interested in reporting, a complex view of operations, and slightly more automation, Futrli/Crunchboards may be worth a free trial – but be warned, the trial is only 7 days! [bctt tweet=”Dryrun helps you make strategic decisions from the trenches of your business.” username=”mydryrun”] Dryrun is more than a match for the challenges of your business’ growth and management and allows you to easily model out endless ‘what-if’ scenarios, then collaborate and export that information.

Dryrun is also a world-class sales forecasting tool that augments your cash flow and budget projections. The unprecedented manual control and data entry features are paired with powerful integrations from Xero, QuickBooks Online and Pipedrive.

Interested? Give Dryrun (and its first-rate support team) a try today through our no-hassle free trial.

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