Knowledge Base Now Built-in to Dryrun

Posted 17 January by Blaine Bertsch in Uncategorized

No need to leave your forecast to explore the Dryrun Knowledge Base. It’s now in line with the chat/help bubble in the bottom-right-hand corner of your screen when you’re in Dryrun.

Dryrun Knowledge Base Location

This move will make the knowledge base easier to keep up to date and on par with the rapid pace of our development, and more importantly, easier for our valued users to find new and foundational help items on everything from the psychology of forecasting and modeling to how specific features and subfeatures work.

“Baked In”…just like chocolate chips in cookies.


We look forward to your feedback on how you like the baked-in version! You can always DM us on socials or reach out via chat with your comments and questions.

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