Build Sales Projections with Your Pipedrive Data

Build a sales forecast, evaluate deals & strengthen cash flow every day.

Creating a Pipedrive sales forecast in Dryrun is powerful and painless. Importing selected pipelines into individual scenarios gives you the power to see the key sales drivers in your business. From evaluating a single pipeline, through to exploring your entire sales projection, Dryrun gives you the power you need to know where you're business is headed and take action.

Pipedrive Integration

Import your deals into Dryrun:
  • Select which pipelines you import into different scenarios
  • View probability values, total deal values and ‘won’ deals
  • Organization, deal, value and close date are imported
  • Maintain manual control to test outcomes in Dryrun
  • Updates in Pipedrive are reflected in Dryrun

It's All About Timing

Your sales forecast is is deeply intertwined with both your long term revenue goals and your short term cash flow. Traditional sales reporting gives you a peek at the state of you business but pales in comparison to a truly powerful sales projection.

Integrating Pipedrive with Dryrun reveals the timing of your deals so that you are driving towards your sales goals and can even maintain a clear focus on your cash flow.

Decode Your Pipelines

Understanding the effectiveness of your sales team and process means that you need to see more than just the value of your potential deals and close dates. Dryrun categorizes your pipelines so you can see which ones are bearing fruit.

Dryrun will even let you select which pipelines are imported into individual scenarios so that you can compare, contrast and focus on the details to make decisions.

Advanced Sales Reporting

We know how important it is to see your data in the format that suits your business best. From complete pipeline to scenario control, the ability to mix in other key business data and building on Pipedrive’s powerful features, Dryrun gives you control, customization and ease-of-use in your sales projections.

NEW: Dryrun makes full use of Pipedrive’s Deal Probability feature, calculating your deals by their weighted value which offers a more realistic view of your revenue forecast. Toggle to view the total value of your deals and filter your view to show only the deals you’ve won.

Watch the new features in action

Now that we have an in house accountant that has a finger on the pulse of our business, he can send us multiple scenarios. I have no other tool that can do it like this.
Eric Mayville
Founder, Wondersauce
New York City

How it Works

Once you’ve connected your Pipedrive account to Dryrun, you can import pipelines into individual Dryrun scenarios. Data is pulled into the ‘Receivables’ section, categories are created based on the pipelines, and deal names are imported along with the projected close date and deal value.

In Dryrun, you can create as many scenarios as you need in a forecast. Track multiple pipelines and view them in both a detailed chart area as well as on a graph.

Once your data is in Dryrun, you can make changes to the items to test out potential outcomes. Dryrun never writes changes back to Pipedrive so don’t worry about your core data, but, when you make changes in Pipedrive, Dryrun update your data in your forecast.

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