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Read-Only Accounts
Need to share your forecasts with colleagues but they only need to view the data?
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With the Dryrun, I changed my “hope management” into the cash flow management and it has made a big difference. It brings a clear and true overview of where my company stands, which helps me plan better and avoid issues. Most importantly – I can sleep much better.
Jindřich Kejík
Company Director at FS Vision
It’s wonderful. I feel a lot more in control and it has freed up a lot of my time. It’s even great in being able to track previous projects, how well we’ve done, how quickly clients are paying, and when we’re booking a lot of work.
Lisa Hagen
Founder, Unthinkable
Being able to visualize everything, it just looks more believable, you can just go down the list and see all the numbers. I love how everything is categorized.
Chris Sampogna - Finance at Wondersauce
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Adding Members Works and What They Receive
Adding members to your account makes it simple to pay for all of your accounts in a single, monthly (or yearly) transaction. Add members to your subscription through your account screen by entering each user’s email address and they will receive an invitation getting them all set up.

Every user has their own private account with all of the features, including sharing and export functions. (With the exception of limited, read-only accounts)

If you are on the Collaboration plan with Dryrun, you will, by default have access to your members forecasts but they can change permissions if required.

When you add members or upgrade your plan, the charge is pro-rated so you'll only pay for exactly what you are using.

How does collaboration work?
Users are able to share projects with anyone else that has a Dryrun account by clicking on the ‘share’ button within the specific project. Enter the recipient’s email address (Dryrun ID), select ‘Read-Only’ if you want to limit access, then hit ‘send’.

Each Dryrun project is kept private unless it has been shared by it’s owner. Sharing privileges can be revoked by the owner at any time.

Collaboration plan members share scenarios in a similar way.

What can I export from Dryrun?
You can export a graph for presentations or export a spreadsheet in a cash flow forecast format. You are able to select which scenarios will be included in the export.
What is a ‘Forecast’ and what is a ‘Scenario’
In Dryrun, each ‘Forecast’ contains a graph and at least one ‘Scenario.’ You can add additional scenarios to a forecast, with each represented by a different colour line on the graph in the forecast.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with Dryrun, please let us know within 30 days and we will give you a complete refund.
How does renewal work?
Your Dryrun account will automatically renew at the end of the previous period. So, if you are on a monthly account, your credit card will be charged on the same date the next month. If your account is an annual plan, your card will be charged on the anniversary date.

If, for some reason, you are charged but you no longer want to continue using Dryrun, we will refund your money. Please contact us within 30 days of the charge.

I am a very visual person, so when I started using Dryrun…it would show me what was going on, forecasting how my next month was going to behave. It helped with decisions because I could manipulate scenarios and have as many as I want so I can begin to see all of the possibilities.
Fela Dales - Fela Photography
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