Forecast Cash Flow with Your Xero Data

Import your Xero data to Dryrun in just a few clicks.

Connected to Xero, Dryrun imports invoices, bills, expense transactions and bank balances so it's ready to work anywhere and anytime that you are.
Using Xero with Dryrun:
  • Easy integration set up
  • Remove all or partial data upon disconnect
  • Build powerful, meaningful budgets that stretch into the future
  • Refresh scenarios for maximum flexibility with just a click
  • Flag due and overdue items as well as track partial payments

Easy integration set-up

For accountants and small business owners alike, Dryrun has made integrating Xero data really easy.

Watch our short video intro to get started.

Remove all or partial data upon disconnect

You’re welcome to leave Xero connected to Dryrun, or disconnect your data at will. And when you go, it’s up to you whether you choose to remove all or part of your data when you disconnect. We want you to have as much flexibility as possible when it comes to visualizing your cashflow using your Xero data.

Import your invoices and bills so you can spend more time on your business

Let’s face it, someone has already taken the time to digitize your invoices and bills – why repeat the exercise when you could simply import your data?

Dryrun’s Xero integration imports your existing data with a few clicks so that you can spend as much time as possible leading your business by clear and powerful visualizations you can generate, and as little time as necessary doing repeat data entry.

Now that we have an in house accountant that has a finger on the pulse of our business, he can send us multiple scenarios. I have no other tool that can do it like this.
Eric Mayville
Founder, Wondersauce
New York City

Manage individual scenarios separately

Dryrun’s Xero integration allows you to import data into individual scenarios and set-up the criteria separately. This flexibility means you can test what you want and compare nearly anything.

Flag due and overdue items as well as track partial payments

Contrary to losing important information in a sea of numbers, Dryrun marks invoices and payments that are due or overdue so that you can easily follow up.

Partial payments get the same treatment so suddenly it’s easy to track cash flow and accounts receivable.

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